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My Health and Money Selected to Partner with Willis North America Diversity Group

Published June 18, 2013

CHICAGO, IL – My Health and Money, LLC, a unique healthcare cost-saving solution for employees with high-deductible coverage, has been selected as a premier diversity resource for brokerage clients by global insurance provider Willis North America. Owned by Sarah Wilcox and Evelyn Engert, My Health and Money was created in 2009 as a customizable, online portal to promote money-saving healthcare decisions by employees that add up to savings for employers as well. The web-based platform offers employees resources they need to make informed decisions on healthcare cost management without compromising quality. Willis Open, a new practice group within Willis North America, offers customers world-class resources and industry-leading expertise by women- and minority-owned enterprises.

“Now that companies are moving toward high-deductible insurance plans,” said My Health and Money President and CEO Sarah Wilcox, “it’s more important than ever that employees understand how to manage their coverage in order to reduce potential out-of-pocket expenses. Our platform takes into account that the healthcare system is complex, and different types of employees need different types of support. Our partnership with Willis Open allows us to offer companies an important employee benefit while also meeting their diversity requirement.”

Willis Open brokerages can now offer My Health and Money to employers looking to support employees in their healthcare decision making. My Health and Money is a one-stop location for accessing: cost transparency data by facility, education on navigating the healthcare system, savings, peer support, medical bill negotiations, and clinical support from doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals. This valuable benefit builds employee accountability with healthcare dollars, and encourages patient engagement in their own healthcare decisions.

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“Today, more organizations are seeking quality solutions that include women- and minorityowned partners as part of their overall diversity and corporate social responsibility strategy,” explains Willis Executive Vice President Kim Waller. “Companies such as My Health and Money provide clients with unique technology solutions that solve pressing business needs, and reducing healthcare costs is a priority for both employers and employees.”

After years as a healthcare executive, Wilcox along with Engert built My Health and Money on the premise that individuals were completely unprepared for the emerging changes in insurance plan design and the subsequent shift in financial responsibility. They developed a total support system to engage patients in better managing both care and costs — a new paradigm shift — and to empower individuals to take control of their healthcare dollars. The unique platform takes into consideration that healthcare is emotionally charged and often a barrier to engagement. The customizable interface allows companies to provide features and benefits best suited to their particular employee population.

“Everyone is scared about rising healthcare costs, and loss of financial control,” said Wilcox. “Bringing transparency and health management tools to companies and employees that encourage confidence and collaboration with providers is what our partnership with Willis is all about.”


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